Brazen Arrow Company Private Limited is a Venture of CRC Real Estate Advisor. CRC Real Estate Advisor came into form in 2006 to shepherd in an apparent roadmap in the form of perfect solutions. CRC focuses on providing our clients, a bonafide professional real estate advice to support with their corporate, economic and planned ambitions.

Prompted under the premeditated supervision of CEO and MD, CRC has embossed a diverse position for itself. Our CEO Mr. Kunal Bhalla is fervent about adding up values to the real estate field. Our MD, Mr. Satish Kumar is a name to surmise with in the real estate industry. He brings along a career of 15 years of his life in the same field.

We have set up everything with the aim of turning dreams into reality by means of making real estate easier, quicker, translucent and result-oriented. It is extremely progressive firm, whose power and knowledge obtain from a large pool of seasoned professionals who joined themselves as one solid team to permit better freedom and effectiveness in servicing the dedicated necessities of you all.

Its surroundings and remarkable track evidence recognized in preceding years and prior to consolidation has enabled CRC to efficiently compete and squarely equal the capabilities of other real estate advisors affianced in parallel deals, every time maintaining in the procedure, its outstanding excellence organization performance.

CRC Group aims at fetching a true and one stop shop for all your requirements and will give life span pledge to support you at every stage particularly relating to your investments with safety and returns are great with full of inventiveness.